Spreading Joy

  • Originally from Pťrigueux in Dordogne, Raphael Laventure, born in 1986, has lived since 2014 on the island of Ibiza (Balearic Islands).
    Emotion is the main attribute found in each of his works, including the notion of "happiness" which has become over the years the central point of his artistic research, both pictorial and sculptural. Creator of the movement "BORN TO BE HAPPY ģ", his creations are like a heartfelt appeal , a call to the whole wide world to be happy without restriction.

    Raphael grew up in a creative family environment, his mother who loved to paint nourished the imagination of the artist during his youth. As a child, he admires the splendid antique statues, both Hellenistic and Roman, lost in the drapes of an Athena or the angelic features of a Venus, who inspire his work today, the female figure being his favorite subject.

    RaphaŽl Laventure is rapidly developing his colorful Pop style that appeals to collectors and gallery owners. Raphael likes to paint paintings on a large scale to diffuse a maximum of energy, his modern compositions painted with dynamism and passion reveal the beauty of the woman. The explosion of colors of his acrylic paintings, the delicacy of his knife painting features, the care given to each form, each curve that seems both instinctive and controlled, are also found in his sculptures. It is through this new ground of creation that RaphaŽl intends to spread his philosophy of life.

    For RaphaŽl Laventure, creation is close to a love story, in what is most intense and magical. Driven by his many passions, which are fashion, design, and travel, his works are at his image: sparkling with life. Music is also essential to his creative process, it is a stimulant and an energizer that influences his way of conceiving his works. The festive and paradisiac island of Ibiza is for Raphael a well of inexhaustible inspiration, it is here that "BORN TO BE HAPPY ģ" was born as an evidence.

    Painter of elation, the artist carries with him the joy of living, this feeling that each of us has and that Raphael Laventure decided to release in the name of universal happiness and the right of everyone to be happy , giving life to his universe "BORN TO BE HAPPY ģ".

    "BORN TO BE HAPPY is a gift for humanity. Through my art, I want to spread this message around the world.".